2011 Clothes In Hip Hop

In 2011, Asap Rocky, Kanye West, and Tyler the Creator were HUGE people in the fashion world.

Asap Rocky broke out that year, and his unique fashion was a captivating part of his persona. He rocked white Air Force 1s and made them hugely popular at the time. He is also known for having his swaggy sunglasses and cool jeans/suits.asap rocky 2011

Kanye West is unfortunately known for his outlandish behavior more than his fashion and music. Ye is now known for his Yeezys, which are very fashionable and creative but extremely expensive and exclusive. During 2011 he rocked designer clothes (that he designed himself). He released the collab album “Watchkanye 2011 the Throne” with Jay Z that year, so they often matched their outfits with gold chains and other typical facets of strategy consulting, but they always brought a unique twist to it that made it really cool. Kanye manages to perfectly personify the lifestyle of wealth, success, and happiness mixed with challenges that he raps about in his music

Tyler the Creator really broke out in 2011, even though some people say his first album was his best. Either way, he lit up the year with his eccentric clothing choices, which he designed himself. The 28th Annual MTV Video Music Awards - Press Room

Tyler is known for his goofy but entertaining and wise personality. Odd Future, his hip hop group, has their name associated with the clothing brand Supreme (box logo hoodies). They are very unique in their approach to fashion; you won’t find anyone else dressing like Tyler that isn’t an imposter. You can tell that he takes a lot of pride in his clothing, even if it might look like he doesn’t care about anything. In the picture above he is wearing a tie-dyed shirt. With a hypnotizing cat in the center of it that is staring back at you. His funny personality really shines through with his fashion sense.

Story continued

That motorist seems in a hurry. It may not be so, but who knows, maybe it does. Maybe you have had any problems with the car today, or have found more traffic than usual and is delayed. I have no hurry, it always takes me the same as jams do not affect me, so I give him passage, pointing with hand d or nde should go somewhat away from me, to get ahead. Beyond me slowly, I surprised that someone in this jungle cede their space for nothing. He smiles while looking me straight in the face, trying topeer into my face from where that kindness. I wish I could explain that exercise is sedate, the movement of the legs, living and feeling alive, but I can not explain all those things. Go drive is synonymous with haste and lack of communication with people you meet on the way to the best tactical watches.


I always find somewhere to park in front of the work. It is what has the bicycle, which is so small, so clear, so thin and so adaptable to the environment.


I look in the glass door entrance to the building, everyone does to see the face that comes to work: I’m smiling.There is no apparent reason, but I’m smiling. I look around me, people coming while I, with the identification card in hand, ready to sign on the turnstiles. But nobody smiles. I force myself to get a little more serious, because they’re going to look weird. However, the joy inside me, is resident in my mind, in my body, in my attitude.


I am climbing the stairs a partner and asked that such is.”Monday”, he answers me with resignation face, putting the day will be bad, that a Monday is a punishment. “You should come by bike to work,” loose while abandoning the stairs and I’m on my floor, with a smile on and ready to face a wonderful day Saturday, forgiveness, Monday.

The Biking Feeling

Asleep under the stairs, almost sleepwalking. Monday, someone already said, are hateful. One takes two days organizing life around leisure, friends, family … and suddenly it’s back to the grind sound the alarm and all that comes later.


Bicycle storage bag. I put the bag on the carrier. I wear reflective anklets for me not soiled pants low contact with the bike chain. Left foot on the pedal. Impulse right foot from the ground. Then right on the foot pedal. Go up and down the legs following the path that make me the cranks.


The first feeling to get going is cold, just a little, but to give you some cold air on your face and hands. But that shakes me, he wakes me, me awake.

Pedaling activates endorphins in my body, those that when pedaling, someone called endorficletas . I start to get into that state of euphoria that comes over me every day when circle bike to work through traffic.


The best balance bicycle is a literary genre in urban mobility, it is like the poetry of transportation. Everyone says reading poetry, but few actually do or are willing to do so. Also, the bike resembles poetry, because beauty is in motion, a graceful movement that makes you fly off the ground.


Each vehicle has its particularity. The car is the icon of speed, possession. The bike’s independence. The train is to share, talk, look at his face, read, doze …


And the bike? The bicycle is the vehicle of emotions.Ride a bicycle to move, op ara exercise, but in either case the bicycle generates a series of emotions that do not feel in other modes of transport.


Biking offers the undeniable entertainment evolution of landscapes to a contemplative pace. The thrill of being carried away on the descent, with a corresponding adrenaline, followed by relaxation when it comes to the plain. Satisfaction after arriving, on your own, the high on a rise. The listening to the sounds around you, to feel the air on his face, cold, heat, rain drops calm of a spring day, the smells of the places where you spend …


Bicycling is a gift you do you every day, a reward in the form of heartfelt emotions. Bicycling is a medicine against modern life.


Bicycles not only change the appearance of the streets, making them happy, peaceful and humane. Bicycles also have the power to change people. Make the stubborn in condescending, the perverse understanding. Returns the sad joy, the bitter illusion, the stressed gives him calm.restless patient ago, leading him to enjoy the present moment.


The bike color paints cityscapes, converts trees and shrubs moles of granite in artistic forms. Da smell perception, bringing smells labored breathing exercise.Tune hands, body and legs with the land .

Therefore it is not surprising that the bike ride to work does not seem so, but a daily entertainment that makes me see things very differently.